Below is a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to FSI Online Courses.

What is FSI SSC Master’s progam

FSI Online Master’s Degree in Physical Preparation in Soccer consists of 14 modules/courses with 100 hours of video-classes, access to reference texts and an online assessment and tutoring system, in a 9-month program with 24/7 access and self-managed learning rhythm. Most important features:

  • It contains all the updated theoretical and practical knowledge that a physical trainer needs to work in football at any level.
  • International faculty of world class teachers.
  • Online, multi-language, international training.
  • Attractive learning methodology with video lessons in a pleasant and educational format.
  • Certification of high training, with a demanding evaluation system, a comprehensive competency framework and the support of a solid faculty of professors.

FSI certification represents a prestigious accreditation to advance your career in football.

What are the thematic areas of FSI SCC Master?
  • Physical training
  • Performance analysis
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
  • Injury prevention
Who is FSI SCC Master for?

FSI Online Master of Strength and Conditioning in Football is aimed at physical trainers, sports science students, physiotherapists and doctors.

Is it a 100% Online Master?

Yes, it is a 100% Online Master’s Course taught through FSI tele-training platform.

In what language is FSI SCC Master taught?

Currently the audiovisual contents that make up FSI SSC Master are presented in the language of the speaker and subtitles are also available in both Spanish and English. The bibliographical references are offered in the language in which they have been published.

If you want more information about this and other sections of FSI SSC Master you can sign up on our website and we will send it to you via email.

What competencies are developed in FSI SCC Master?

FSI SSC Online Master’s Course accredits professional skills such as:

  • Strength and conditioning coach in football at any level.
  • Personal trainer of professional soccer players.
  • Specialist in sports performance in soccer, as complementary professional skills for soccer coaches, sports scientists, sports doctors, sports physiotherapists and any other technical position within football.
How is the follow-up of the courses of FSI SCC Master made?

The follow-up of the courses is carried out through FSI tele-training platform in an asynchronous manner. That is, each student can study at their own pace and have a maximum of 1 year to complete their studies and obtain certification. Independently, FSI SSC Master is formed by 14 courses that are scheduled to be released over a period of 9 months.

How is FSI Educational Platform?

FSI SSC Master is taught through a FSI own learning management system that guarantees access to the content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through any device with a web browser and an internet connection. Access to virtual courses is restricted with a username and password.

FSI’s learning management system also has a personalized monitoring system for students, offering detailed information about your status within FSI SSC Master’s program. A system based on points that in addition to facilitate the monitoring and mentoring of the students, offers a methodology of gamification that promotes the motivation of the students.

Which requirements must I meet in order to have access to FSI SCC Master?

FSI team will study each application for enrollment in FSI SSC Master, but we do not require a previous level of studies. The demanding evaluation system of FSI SSC Master guarantees a high level of competences of the professionals who obtain the certificate.

How many places does FSI SCC Master have?

The number of spots is limited and will be addressed by a strict registration order.

Which is FSI SSC Master cost?

To access this information you need to register in the contact form and we will send you the information.

Is there any scholarship or help to complete FSI SCC Master?

Currently, there are no scholarships to study FSI SSC Master. For the first promotion, teachers will have discount codes that they will offer through their social network accounts.

On the other hand, FSI offers a financing option for the SSC Master through Zänk, available for holders of a DNI or NIE valid in Spain. In addition, you can check with your bank the split payment options associated with credit card payment.

When can I enroll in FSI SCC Master?

Currently, the enrollment period for the first promotion of FSI SSC Master is open.

When does FSI SCC Master begin?

FSI SCC Master first promotion beginning is planned for March 18th,2019

How long is FSI SCC Master?

The duration of FSI SSC Master is 9 months during which the training itinerary will be accessed within FSI tele-attendance platform.

Are there internships scheduled during FSI SCC Master?

The students who obtain the FSI Master in Soccer Strength & Conditioning Diploma may ask to be included in a FSI Employment Database that will be delivered to all soccer clubs collaborating with FSI.

How is the evaluation system of FSI SCC Master?

FSI tele-attendance platform, where FSI SSC Master is taught, has a continuous evaluation system integrated by tests. It is necessary to complete each of the courses that make up the Master to obtain certification.

Who takes part of FSI SCC Master faculty?

FSI Faculty is composed of more than 35 world class academics, scientists and soccer professionals. This combination of academic and professional profiles allows FSI to offer both advanced and practical knowledge of football.

The scientific production of the professors of FSI Faculty reaches more than 2,500 articles in scientific journals/specialized techniques, with an average h index of 15 to 40.

The members of FSI Faculty are among the most recognized opinion leaders in science and football performance, with a high presence in congresses and specialized meetings, and a large number of followers in social networks.

Which type of certification does FSI SCC Master have?

Online Master’s Course in Strenght and Contidioning in Football is a master’s program from FSI. This program is endorsed by the faculty of professors who compose FSI.

Is there any agreements with Universities?

FSI is a football science online private school which validates its courses through the endorsement of its highly prestigious Faculty of Professors. FSI courses are straightly directed for providing the student with immediate working skills into the professional football international world, and not just intended for academic career purposes. Notwithstanding, we are working with several international universities interested in recognize the FSI certified studies as a base for their university degrees.