Fernando Hernández-Abad 

Main Affiliation:
Universidad Europea de Canarias – Spain
Background: DRS-Dynamic rotation stability

Strength and conditioning in soccer
Applied Science to soccer
Individualized monitoring and training in professional soccer players
Training load monitoring in professional soccer teams
High-intensity interval training

Soccer professionals members of FSI Faculty represent the practice in several of the best soccer clubs in the world

  • Tim Meyer

    Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany
    Background: Germany National Football Team

  • Martin Buchheit

    Paris Saint Germain Football Club, France
    Background: Aspire Academy, Qatar

  • Cristina Fink

    Philadelphia Union Football Club, USA

  • Bruno Mazziotti

    Physiotherapist and Strength & Conditioning Specialist
    Background: Paris Saint Germain Football Club, France; Brazil national football team

  • Jack Nayler

    Celtic Football Club, United Kingdom
    Background: Real Madrid CF, Spain; Paris Saint Germain FC, France

  • Hani Al Haddad

    Aspire Academy, Qatar
    Background: Qatar National Team

  • Alfredo Santalla

    Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain

  • Fabio Nakamura

    Universidade Federale de Paraíba, Brazil