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What financing options do I have?

Football Science Institute offers you the possibility of requesting 100% of the funding for your Master completely online through Zank. You just have to keep in mind that:

  • The total price of the master is € 4,600
    • If you have a discount code of 5%, the amount of the master is € 4,370
    • If you have completed the pre-registration process and after benefiting from our 5% discount for Early Bird, the amount is € 4,250.
    • If you have done the pre-registration and you also have another teacher code of 5%, the total for the master is € 4,020
  • The funding is only available for students with DNI (National Identity Document) or NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) valid in Spain’s territory.

In the following table you have available the different monthly payments according to the financing modality:

12 months 24 months 36 months 48 months
€ 4.600
total price
406,45 €/month 214,29 €/month 150,49 €/month 118,78 €/month
€ 4.370
discount code of 5%
486,13 €/month 203,57 €/month 142, 96 €/month 112,84 €/month
€ 4.250
375,52 €/month 197,98 €/month 139,04 €/month 109,74 €/month
€ 4.020
pre-enrolment + 5%
355,20 €/month 182,27 €/month 131,51 €/month 103,8 €/month

Yes, i want to finance the master!

If you want to finance the master, leave us your data in the following form, and remember that you can only finance if you have DNI or NIE

If you are going to finance less than € 4,600 you need a valid promotional code.


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